Pimping Pontfadog

What better way to mark and celebrate a special family occasion than with a bit of a ‘Pimp my Pontfadog’ plant up? That’s how Team Cygnets chose to mark a special 30th birthday – a fantastic roast beef and Yorkshire pud lunch cooked by Head of Chefiness, Max, after his Sunday lunch service at Cygnets, followed by a planting and tidy-up on the memorial bank in Pontfadog – oh, and a couple of containers outside the restaurant for good measure.

The memorial bank had already been given a jolly good going over by Kyran, Alec and Mary a couple of weeks ago and was looking splendid in sporadic Sunday sunshine between showers last weekend.

It’s all part of our collective village tidy scheme. So, £150 quids-worth of bee friendly, herbaceous plants and shrubs later Team Cygnets were satisfied we’d made Pontfadog just a tiny bit better than it was before – our contribution to help Keep Wales Tidy.

Thanks to Dave and the lovely, helpful team at the Derwen College’s Garden Centre at Gobowen we had 30 plants specially chosen for the job and locations. We can highly recommend the Derwen for its outstanding selection of plants and truly fantastic value and customer service – unbeatable locally. It’s a great way to support the college, which does outstanding work with young people with learning difficulties and disabilities.


Cygnets plant-up.

Thirty plants bought by Cygnets Restaurant ready for planting up in Pontfadog.

Team planting

Team Cygnets get planting, crimping and pimping

30 plants

Thirty plants at the ready

Pontfadog memorial bank

Doesn’t look much at the moment…

Memorial bank and milestone

Planting around Pontfadog’s iconic milestone


Sambucca plants to the right – yes really! Please don’t ‘flame’ them though!

Outside Cygnets

deciding which go where



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