Pontfadog Memorial Bank Clean Up

As part of the Pontfadog Village Tidy Scheme launched at Cygnets last month, three hard-working volunteers took to the iconic memorial bank in Pontfadog recently to give it a jolly good going over and spruce up with strimmer, brush and polish.

Kyran and Alec donned their protective helmets and worked their magic on the overgrown bank, whilst Mary took to tidying up the important area around the Cenotaph under the watchful gaze of a weary walker munching his sarnies on the bench nearby.

Mary also attacked Pontfadog’s Ceiriog Valley Poets visitor interpretation board with gusto, lashings of love, sugar soap and wood protector. Now the entire area is looking fit for more walkers and villagers alike to enjoy thanks to three smashing volunteers who love their village/ caru’n y trefi and are working to Keep Wales Tidy.


Keep Wales Tidy volunteer Mary Carson

Village tidy volunteer Mary Carson tidies the important Cenotaph area

Visitor interpretation board

John ‘Ceiriog’ Hughes, Huw ‘Eos’ Morus and Rev. Robert ‘Cynddelw’ Ellis

Keep Wales Tidy

Village tidy volunteer Alec Carson strimming the memorial bank

Ceiriog valley poets info board

The visitor information board on the Ceiriog Valley’s renowned poets

Kyran Lawford

Village tidy volunteer and Glyntriain Community Councillor Kyran Lawford

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