Max Payne – Head of Chefiness

Our Head of Chefiness is Max. Max learned his cooking and hospitality skills at Sporties Restaurant & Bar in Alice Springs, Australia on a travelling year in 2012 and most recently under the lovely young chef, Rob Edwards, at The Oak in Glyn Ceiriog.

You are most likely to see Max: photo bombing happy diners with his ‘Cygneture’ eyebrow look.

You are most likely to hear Max say: “Aaaaaarrrrgggghhh.” (followed by the noise of someone kicking the dishwasher… the machine, not the KP).


Max Payne, Head of Chefiness at Cygnets Restaurant.

Max Payne, not the Playstation version, the real superhero of Cygnets Restaurant at the Swan Inn, Pontafdog.

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