New Winter Menu Arrives

Okay, okay… so it’s a tiny bit later than promised but Head of Chefiness has been tweaking and perfecting his new dishes so they are just right. The rest of us had to just sit back and do the tasting. Oh, it’s a tough life this restaurant malarkey sometimes.

So… Ta Dah! New winter menu is here but as promised, some of those firm favourites remain. “Remove the breaded brie and you die,” was sufficiently menacing a threat to encourage its continued presence along with of course, Max’s hugely popular signature dish the ‘Cygneture’ Burger for those with gargantuan appetites.

We hope you like the new winter warmers like Max’s freshly made soups and home-made paté, the classic pot favourite like Coq-au-vin and the lip tingly tasty Piri-piri chicken – guaranteed to bring that lovely toasty sensation on the way down. Least said about the way out the better!

Red chilli pepper

Guaranteed to warm things up is a lovely fresh red chilli pepper.

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